Guru Killer, Primate Provocateur, Literary Warrior & Liberated Thinker  

Cameron Shayne is sometimes identified as an artist, writer, innovator, movement pioneer, people liberator, father, virgin saint, voyager of the unknown, and bullshit exorcist. He founded the Budokon University in 2001. His students include artists, olympians, movie stars, rock stars, prostitutes and sinners. He travels the world sharing the same message, "Why take your thoughts so seriously? They're not even real."

Kancho ~ "kan" means buidlng or dojo. Cho Means the head or top (i.e shacho: president). Essentially, Kancho means Top or Head of the Organization. 

As a movement artisit CS began training in Martial Arts at the age of 12. He has black belts in both Japanese Karate-do and Korean Taekwondo, as well as his Brown Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu under the Gracie System. He has been studying and sharing Yoga, Martial Arts and Zen meditation for 30 years.