The BDK Mixed Movement Arts Camp is 3-day Training Camp for the modern movement artist. This person is inspired to break boundaries and explore what is possible in regard to mobility, agility, and strength. Our unique combination of yoga, martial arts, calisthenics and peak performance coaching is unparalleled and impossible to replicate. We help people learn how to move on and off the mat in the most intelligent and inspiring ways. Our primary focus is the development of physical prowess, emotional intelligence and character. We believe that the most effective yoga teachers inspire others through their own personal work. We work with the highest performing mixed movement artists and teachers in the world. Be a part of the future of movement and join us for our next training camp. 

WHAT WE LEARN: Our program consists of the exclusive Budokon®Integrated living model: a combination of Martial, Yogic, and Life Coaching Arts. Incuding street practicle self defence and meditation we focus on 6 areas of personal development: Thought, Emotion, Relationship, Nutrition, Environment, and Movement.

HOW WE ADVANCE: The Budokon system has six belts: White, Red, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black. Each belt requires a minimum of four separate 3-day phases. Training phases can be spread out over 6-24 months for each belt. It takes the typical student 1 year to achieve each belt. The Black Belt is typically achieved over a 5-7 year span.



  • YOGA - is focused on learning the Budokon®Yoga style in order to develop integrated strength, full range of motion and a meditation practice. Our Yoga style can be summed up in one sentence: Budokon®Yoga is the art of seamless transition coupled with the beauty of circular rotation.
  • MARTIAL ARTS STRIKING - is focused on the Budokon®Martial Arts striking curriculum which consists of a combination of sport and street self defense techniques taken from traditional and contemporary Martial Arts. Our Martial Arts system is defined as a MMA (mixed martial arts) style.  
  • MARTIAL ARTS GRAPPLING - is focused on the Budokon®Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum which consists of combat focused grappling techniques from the Arashiro BJJ system.  
  • LIVING ARTS - Each day we spend time discusing the experiences that form our beliefs and the beliefs that form our actions. We explore why we say what we say and do what we do. Each student shares personal stories which builds a sense of camaraderie among the students as they learn that they are not alone in their pain and can learn from the pain of others.

WHERE & WHEN: The Budokon®Martial Arts program is held in a 3-day format in cities through out the world. For a list of dates and locations click this link: SELECT PROGRAM DATES

TUITION STRUCTURE: The Budokon University is committed to building a community of people based on dedication and leadership. Therefore our tuition structure reflects that commitment by decreasing financial obligations for students as they work towards their black belts, and exchanging them for teaching, growing and supporting the University. So you will only pay BU for your education for your first 3 belts*, after that it becomes a work exchange program for aspiring black belts. 

  • White Belt: $399 per weekend phase 
  • Red belt: $299 per weekend phase 
  • Blue Belt: $199 per weekend phase 
  • Purple Belt: tuition free - Assisting Only 
  • Brown Belt: tuition free - Assisting Only 
  • Black Belt: tuition free - Assisting Only 

SPECIAL NOTE FOR TRAININGS IN MIAMI: Training weekends in our headquarters have space for 30 MMA students. All visiting students are to stay in our new Budokon House, walking distance from the beautiful waters of Miami Beach. This is done with the intention of creating a truly unique and fully immersive experience in the art and lifestyle of Budokon. Accommodations and organic breakfast, lunch and dinners (vegan/vegetarian options available) are charged extra in addition to the tuition fee. Parking is available, but very limited. Please check event details for more information. 

*International tuition varies based on geographical location and currency. 
Payment plans and scholarships are available. Please write to financialaid@budokonuniversity.com


We use the Martial Arts in the developmental areas of emotion and movement. Along with the ability to defend oneself, Martial Arts brings to the surface many underdeveloped areas in the student from physical weakness to unresolved emotional fears. There are numerous philosophical Martial Arts principles applied and taught in regard to self awareness, leadership, and service that apply to all areas of development.

The Yogic work is used both physically and philosophically as a way to identify and heal emotional and physical injuries. We teach primarily Yoga posture (Hatha Yoga) with no emphasis on yoga as an expression of religious theology.

We ultimately use the Yogic and Martial Arts as a way to measure the students physical and emotional growth throughout the course. Each system serves to elevate the student to peak physical and mental condition as well as teaching practical self defense.

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