Why choose the Budokon®Life Coaching course?

“I permanently shifted the way I communicate with myself and others.” That is how graduates describe Budokon®Life Coaching Course. Our success rate for achieving massive shifts in people is extremely high with an overwhelming 95% of our participants reporting a dramatic and accelerated personal growth. Inspiring, engaging, transformative, The Budokon®Life Coaching Course is a powerful self auditing process where a guided dialogue between the coach and participants is conducted in a safe and intimate environment with 10-15 people. Most coaching courses place you in a room with up to 100 people and very little to no direct contact with a master coach. Our approach depends on direct and intimate communication between you and your personal coach, Kancho Cameron Shayne. 

How the Budokon®Life Coaching course works.

The Budokon life coaching course teaches individuals to think and problem solve with an engineer’s mind, learning the process of deconstruction and reconstruction in order to discover compromised values and ethics. The student relies on inner wisdom based on his/her unique value system to consciously grow. Each of us knows what is best for us, the coach only facilitates personal discovery and direction towards the answers that each person knows intuitively.

The Benefits

The benefits of being coached or becoming a professional Budokon®Life Coach extend well beyond personal and professional goals. Life coaching cultivates permanent balance and conscious transformation in the lives of all people you touch. Even if you are not coaching in a professional environment, you are likely informally coaching friends and family already. Further developing and fine tuning your personal communication skills is how you show up for the world and leave a lasting legacy. 

In the Budokon®Life Coaching Course participants report powerful transformation in  the the following areas:

• Relationships
• Communication
• Leadership
• Personal Fulfillment
• Stress and Anxiety 


WHO ATTENDS: People from all walks of life have taken the Budokon®Life Coaching Course: driven, educated, successful, ranging in age from young teen to senior citizen. There is no physical practice during this weekend so all levels of health and fitness are welcome.

WHERE & WHEN: The Budokon®Life Coaching course is held in a workshop style setting, such as a yoga school, health & wellness facility, or one of our meeting spaces around the world. Find a location and dates that are convenient for you at

COST: Tuition varies based on geographical location and currency. The average price in the US is $399. This investment may seem steep to some and a inexpensive to others.  With the cost of therapy averaging at $100 per hour, most participants feel that this is an incredible value for a 30 hour life changing experience.   *Financial Aid is available upon request for select applicants. Please write to 

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The Budokon®Life Coaching Course takes place over three consecutive days (generally Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Each full day typically begins at 9:00 a.m. and typically ends at approximately 10:00 p.m. Snack and rest breaks are approximately every 3 hours, with a 90-minute lunch break. Note: The Budokon®Life Coaching Course may end as late as 12:00 midnight.

ORIENTATION & OVERVIEW: How The Budokon®Life Coaching Course Works

Participants are given an overview – a sense of what they might expect - as well as tips and ideas for how to get the most from the program. The daily schedule is reviewed and there is an opportunity to ask questions. The space is created for people to engage powerfully with the material, maximize the value of their participation, and produce unprecedented results in a short period of time.

Ready to Be Coached

In this opening session we will prepare ourselves to suspend our beliefs, perceptions, and values of ourselves and others in order to receive new information. We cannot hear clearly when we are personalizing feedback from our teachers, friends, and family. 

How We Show Up

Showing up has many meanings: showing up to a place, showing up for a person, and showing up to a person. In this section of our course we will learn how to identify our limiting beliefs regarding showing up for ourselves and others and to create a new and more powerful model of honoring others. 

Temperament Identification

Your temperament is the key to understanding your natural inclinations in the directions of fighting or fleeing when faced with conflict. This identification process will shed new light on why you went left when you really wanted to go right. 

The Disciplined Ear

Part of helping other people is learning to truly listen to them. In this section of the course we learn to sit and listen with a disciplined ear. We learn to hold a space of true neutrality while we listen rather than take on other people's pain. When we take on the pain of others we can no longer show up in an unbiased and clear way for them.

Leanring to Ask the Right Questions

Everything we are looking for inside ourselves or others, no matter how veiled, is there to be seen. How we find these things is the challenge as we are rarely taught the process of hunting for answers. In this section of the course we learn that the answer is in the question. 

Fear Based Decision Making 

When we occupy a state of fight or flight our primary focus becomes survival and self preservation. Making decisions from a fear based state of mind results in more pain and suffering. In this segment of our course we explore the process of limbic hijacking, its effects on our realities, and we will learn that fear is the culprit behind all pain.

Pattern Interruption

Here we explore the idea of a patterned response as an unproductive way of being or acting that includes a belief that something shouldn’t be the way it is. Often we don’t notice that while our beliefs may seem justified, even legitimate, there is a certain vested interest – some advantage or benefit we are receiving that reinforces the pattern. We will discuss strategies to interrupt and transform the unconscious and unproductive ways we live and act that prevent us from fully experiencing people and events in their true nature.

By recognizing these patterns, their costs, and how we have been keeping the patterns in place we have the choice to interrupt them and make new and empowered choices.

Standing in Truth

How we occupy a space of truth for ourselves and others can be a very complex issue and one that many people struggle with. This section of the course we identify the motivating factors behind our stances and we define truth as it applies to relationships.

Intuitive Listening 

Our hearts are antennae for receiving truth, the hunger is our biological instinct. The head is is responsible for reason and information used to support the heart and hunger. How to listen from the heart, listen to the hunger, and to listen to the  head  are all concepts we will learn to distinguish between and apply to our daily lives during this course.

Me, You, We Perception

In this section of the course we explore our tendency to create very simple versions of complex situations and experiences. Complex because there are at least three external forces acting upon any one situation. This simplification occurs so quickly it becomes hard to separate the reality of what is happening from the fiction we are creating to easily categorize the problem and move on. As time passes the story we tell ourselves becomes the way it is – the reality we know. This reality limits what is possible, robbing us of our potential power and personal success.

The Guilt Shame Game

Most humans grow up with the idea that feeling guilty and being ashamed are normal and even healthy responses to bad behavior. However, what if guilt was simply a feeling of being off course and shame was a self imposed punishment connected to holding onto the past. In this section of the course we tackle these issues that cause tremendous pain for us all.

Projecting & Disowning

Often the pain we feel is so overwhelming that sharing it or even completely disowning it is all we can manage to do. The problem here is that we don’t recognize that we are in fact transferring our pain to others and thereby losing the wonderful opportunity for deep self study. It is in our pain that we learn who we believe ourselves to be. This session is all about personal accountability and ownership of all that is ours. 

Transforming the Past into fuel for the Future

We can never change the past. However, we can transform it into a powerful fuel that we use to light the way for our future.  Past mistakes make for our greatest teachers and provide us with historical data to observe and draw meaningful conclusions that shape our future choices. In this session we take a look at past present and future and learn tools to successfully deconstruct and reconstruct our realities.

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Kancho Cameron Shayne is the creator of Budokon, “Way of the Spiritual Warrior”. He is founder of the Budokon®University which has 3 fields of study: Yoga, Martial Arts, and Life Coaching. He personally leads each and every Budokon®Life Coaching course with a commitment to the transformation of every single student. His background as a pioneer master teacher in the fields of Yoga, Martial Arts, and Meditation has brought him world acclaim as a motivator, leader, and life coach. His clients have included actresses Jennifer Anniston, Meg Ryan, Renee Russo and Courtney Cox, Senator Jesse Jackson Jr., boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, and gold medalist beach volleyball megastar Kerri Walsh.

Students and friends of Cameron find his direct teaching style to be highly effective in the self-identification of unhealthy patterns and in encouraging dynamic life changes. Budokon students are initially drawn to the physical practice and continue  their studies with Kancho Cameron Shayne because of the profound influence  Budokon®Life Coaching has on their lives. 

His famous quote, “The way we do anything is the way we do everything” is the foundation of the Budokon system.


“Cameron Shayne and the Budokon life coaching program have forever changed my life and given me a greater sense of accountability, courage, modesty, strength, patience, gratitude and much,, much more.”  

Nathan Mills, Oregon

“I appreciate Cameron’s ‘humanity’ as a teacher, and that he does not teach as though  he has no weaknesses. He acknowledges the fact that he is working on aspects of himself which makes opening up to him and learning from him that much easier.”  

Jamal Pender, Virginia

“The Budokon life coaching course has shown me a side of myself that I didn’t know existed.” 

Donato Heilbling, Argentina

"Budokon life coaching has taught me how to live an extraordinary life and that I am an extraordinary being.”  

Zach Surina, Virginia 

“Budokon gives you the power to change and shape yourself physically and mentally into the person you want to be. It has personally given me the means to feel proud of who I am and what I can do. Nothing matters more than to show up for others so that others can show up for you.” 

Mats Eikrem, Norway

“Budokon is comfort for the soul. This awakening has changed my life” 

Eva Nunez, Spain

“The Budokon course has brought integrity, simplicity, and compassion to my life throughout the years.”  

Rebecca Evans, Miami

“Budokon has given me great peace within myself, more patience, and more courage to achieve my goals. It has given me a family I never knew that I could have. Budokon continues to open my eyes everyday and look at myself from the inside out.” 

Kimberly Tretto, Norway

“Life coaching sessions helped me become aware that other people have the same fears as me. I have learned that prolonging pain and suffering due to my indecision and inaction has only hurt me in the long run. Budokon has greatly deepened my self-awareness.” 

Baron Carr, Minnesota

“Budokon frees my heart.“

Alexa Kazaros, Florida

My first Budokon experience was exactly what I was looking for: a challenge, a fear of the unknown, a class led by a superior teacher whose wisdom was apparent to all. That fateful day and everyday after, I have been hooked on Budokon. This program has taught me many lessons in life and about myself. I am honored to have graduated in the first class of Budokon teachers."

Mimi Reiger, Washington DC